You’ve heard about West Coast Luxury Rental but are still wondering how we are the best Luxury Car Rental Service? Well, here are some testimonials provided by our loyal customers to ensure of our trustworthiness and exemplary service. We believe in offering the best experience to our customers and ensure that they feel as royal and luxurious as they should, riding in our Luxury and Exotic cars.

Customer Testimonial # 1

I was interested in renting a Jaguar for my 2 day visit to Los Angeles. I was going for a small business meeting, but I wanted to dress to impress. Hence, I decided to look for luxury car rentals on google to talk to a few high rated companies. I came upon West Coast Luxury Rental there and decided to give them a call. The sales person was very professional and friendly. He listened to my requirements and was very patient throughout the whole.

They were able to meet match my requirements. I was able to complete the process at my home and once I landed in Los Angeles the car was handed over to me. I got my business deal and the car was a hit. Everyone was asking about it.  I recommend the West Coast Luxury Rental to everyone who want to have a good time and impress clients. The service is professional and seems completely effortless.

Customer Testimonial # 2

I am one of those people who like to ride luxury cars but do not want to buy them as I get bored very quickly. Hence, even though I live in California I like renting cars. I have tried almost all the different car rental service being provided in the state. Out of all these the one I truly love is West Coast Luxury Rental. They have an extensive portfolio to cater to my every whim. They have some of the latest cars available with them that no one in the state is currently offering.

The company is super professional and is great at customer service as they keep a track of new cars coming in and then inform the customers who might be interested in those cars. These helps me in keeping up to date with the new launches while also providing me with a chance to be the first to rent them. I recommend their services to everyone who likes finer things in life and enjoys driving luxury cars across California. No one can beat their service level and prices in the state.

Customer Testimonial # 3

I have never been as obsessed with a car as was with Audi A8. I really wanted the car, but it was an investment piece and I was not sure if I would like it as much after buying it. In order to make sure that I would enjoy for a long I wanted to first rent it. However, this is was a difficult because there are many car rental services in California and some of them do not have good quality cars and others charge very high. So, I made an excel file with mileages, rent and all the different fees that I would have to pay. Guess who won. None other than West Coast Luxury Rental.

They had the car with the lowest mileage and their total fees was also lower than the other companies. I called them and they gladly made the car available for me. It was love at first sight. I spent the next two weeks driving the amazing luxury car. After those two weeks, my old car did not feel the same and bought the Audi A8. I would suggest every luxury car lover to try out West Coast Luxury Rental. I promise you will not regret it.

Customer Testimonial # 4

Luxury cars are a great way to surprise the special one in your life. My beau loves luxury and exotic cars. I tried surprising him once, but the experience turned out to be awful. They completely ripped me off charged very high and the quality of service was so low that the car arrived one hour late. The surprise was completely ruined even though my boyfriend did not mind but I was not happy. This time around I did a lot of research and asked many people about rental services in California. West Coast Luxury Rental came out as the clear winner, it was highly recommended.

I decided to call them and booked a Lamborghini. Their service quality w3as unbelievable. They not only arranged the car but also a chauffeur. They provided security as well to make us feel special on this trip out to the town. My man was so happy. We had so much fun on this trip. I do not think I will ever use another car rental service ever. I am now a loyal customer of West Coast Luxury Rental.

Customer Testimonial # 5

I have always been intimated by car rental services. I thought they were fake and will charge me very highly, might even file a law suit against. This was all the result of bad experiences that my friends had. However, I was planning a weekend trip to the West Coast and one of my friends gave positive reviews by West Coast Luxury Rental. This was a dear friend and had complete trust in him, so I decided to give the company a shot. After getting to California, I went straight to the West Coast Luxury Rental showroom. I was amazed by the facility they have, the whole paper work took 15 minutes and I was ready to go on the road with my rented Ferrari. The entire was super comfortable.

I did not have to receive constant calls from the company. They were very professional about providing any updates. The car was neat and clean. I also faced no issues while returning the car. The experience was simply seamless. I do not know about other car rental services, but I would rent a luxury car from West Coast Luxury Rental any day of my life.

Customer Testimonial # 6

Many people tend to just talk about the car that they rented and completely forget about the service that they received by the rental company. Let me shed light on the service quality of West Coast Luxury Rental. The showroom has been developed in accordance with the latest architectural taste. It gives the customer the curiosity to roam around and explore it. The company understands that a customer who once visits the place will want to look at the cars that are present in the facility. I went there to get my car and make the payment; it was a 15 minute task, but I decided to stick around.

The staff was friendly and very helpful. They helped me looking around and let me sit in the cars that I fancied. The staff was upfront about its expectations about the car once I come to return. This helped me in understanding their requirements and I was able to get saved from any extra charges. I recommend West Coast Luxury Rental to everyone who wants high quality service.

Customer Testimonial # 7

I used to be a very loyal customer of just two luxury car rental places in California. I have been using them for years and they are always able to meet my requirements. However, one day I needed a car urgently and their process requires at least one hour even though I have been a long standing. This situation was very frustrating for me and I was trying look for another company that could offer similar service. During my research, I landed upon West Coast Luxury Rental and instantly I was drawn to this business as it had a perfect clear website with proper links.

It did not seem shady at all. I called them up and told them that I needed the car within 15 minutes. They immediately agreed, I went to their showroom and the whole process was completed with 15 minutes. I have never experienced such fast service. There were no extra charges and the car’s condition was perfect. I was on my way at the time I wanted. I am a West Coast Luxury Rental convert. Me no longer go to my old rental businesses, instead I prefer to just call West Coast Luxury Rental and get any luxury car I want. The place is highly recommended.

Customer Testimonial # 8

This was the first time I was visiting California and my friends wanted to ensure that my experience was amazing. This meant that I was asked to making bookings in all the posh restaurants and night clubs. I was supposed to go to all of these hyped places. However, we realized just a few hours before my flight that we completely forget about a car that I would use to go to these places. Going by a cab is no longer considered chic. Additionally, it can be quite the hassle to call a cab as it can take it quite some time. We hurriedly searched and found West Coast Luxury Rental.

We called them up from the airport and you will not believe this; they sent the Lamborghini to the airport. Within 15 minutes of landing, I had the car key in my hands. This was such a sweet surprise as thought that no one would be able to get the job within such a short amount of time and the formalities will also take up a lot of time, but West Coast Luxury Rental streamlined everything. This is the level of service that makes customer want to keep returning to a business. I absolutely love West Coast Luxury Rental and cannot even dream of trying out any other rental service.

Customer Testimonial # 9

I have been loyal customer of West Coast Luxury Rental since the business opened up. To be honest, I have been their customer for such a long time that now even the staff knows me and my preference. I feel like a part West Coast Luxury Rental family. They always have such a friendly and professional attitude. I tend to find deciding a luxury car difficult as there are so many options to choose and I want to give my old favorites a ride, but the new ones also attract my attention. During my decision making process, the staff remain helpful and patient.

They help me in deciding the car I will rent this time in a professional manner, advising about the different features that the car has and the difference in experience that it will provide. I have been provided excellent even on short notices. They are very passionate about their business and will search for the car that you want if it is currently not part of their portfolio. My friends and family are also loyal customers of West Coast Luxury Rental. Initially, many of them were skeptical but after experiencing the level of service provided by West Coast Luxury Rental, they had to change their opinion. If you want to rent a luxury in California or West Coast, definitely check out West Coast Luxury Rental.

Customer Testimonial # 10

Every year on your anniversary, I and my spouse try to put win through the elaborate and outrageous gifts that we can give each other. This has been our long standing tradition for years. We believe that since we have been together for so many years each day is like a gift and we are always doing something for each other so in order to make our anniversary special we should try to above the other person’s expectations. This year my wife had her eyes set on a luxury car but due to other commitments she was unable to get her dream car.

She was quite upset, and I wanted to see her happy again, so I decided to try my luck at different car rental places. However, some were very expensive, and others look like scams. I did not want anything to ruin the night, so I searched high and low. Finally found West Coast Luxury Rental, they were able to understand my requirements and found the exact car that my wife had her eyes on. You should have seen the happiness on her eyes when the car pulled up in front of our house. I highly recommend West Coast Luxury Rental to everyone.

When renting out a luxury car, a great concern customers have apart from the impressive and attractive vehicle provided, is the reliability of the overall company. Not only so, but the luxury car rental company should have great customer service, and this can be seen from the reviews customers tend to leave about them. As seen above, West Coast Luxury Rental is a widely trustable service and is known for its commitment towards providing high level of customer service and an overall experience. For more information about the impressive fleet of luxury vehicles we have at West Coast Luxury Rental, be sure to check out our website at or call today for an estimate at 323-538-5046.