California is the place where you will find a series of luxurious and high-end activities. From hotels to restaurants and cars, everything eludes glamour. It is only normal for one to want to feel the complete luxe experience when visiting the state. With the right exotic car rental Los Angeles, you can alleviate your time spent in California to a great extent.

Why Should You Rent A Luxury Car In California?

Making a statement as you drive in the state is surely a much sought-after desire. With a luxury car rental, you can ensure that you are at ease as you make your distance. Luxury cars offer you an exclusive feeling and experience as you drive it to your locations, around different cities.

Hop in some of the most exclusive and high-end brands of cars and create a more astounding personal brand for yourself. More than that, a luxury car rental will allow you to make your way more comfortable and at ease. Your stay in California is sure to be much more interesting with a luxury car rental.

Top 10 Luxury Car Rental In California

The big question now is, which luxury cars should you be renting out in California? To help you in making this decision, we have come up with the top ten luxury car rental in California. The following list contains major car brands including but not limited to Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, and more.

1.Rolls-Royce Dawn 2015 Convertible New

One of the most astounding car manufacturers to have existed is Rolls Royce. It is quite inevitable that it is on the list of the top ten luxury cars. The Rolls Royce Dawn is considered a beautiful and elegant looking car by a range of critiques. However, the exterior is not all that the Rolls Royce Dawn 2015 is known for, the car also offers drivers a smooth and quiet drive.

The car is known to have many similarities to a preceding model, the Rolls Royce Wraith, but when held in comparison, proves to be a much more quiet and smoother drive. Dawn also offers you the convertible option. This is perhaps a great feature to have in a car while driving along the roads of California.

Renting this luxury car will surely make you feel fabulous at any given time. As you drive on the roads of Beverly Hills or any other city in California, you will enjoy every moment in this elegant vehicle.

2.Land Rover HSE SUV

The Land Rover HSE SUV is the ideal solution if you’re in California with your family. This offers the perfect mix of luxury and space as you will be able to go to your destinations in style while making sure that your entire family gets to enjoy the ride. Whether you’re taking a long road trip or simply making a visit nearby, the Land Rover HSE SUV will surely enhance your experience by a great margin.

The four-wheel-drive offers you an automatic transmission while also ensuring that you enjoy a smooth and effortless drive. From the design to the refinement and use of technology, this vehicle is sure to be a treat for you to drive in California. Drive to distant locations without having to worry about anything at all. The luxury car allows you to enjoy your time in the best of ways. Feel exclusive with the integrated touchscreens and other innovative technological aspects that this vehicle has to offer you.

3.Ferrari Portofino Coupe

If you’re in search of something that would make more of a statement, then the Ferrari Portofino Coupe is your best bet. This luxury car has a unique appeal of its own. The brand is widely popular and known to attract exceptional customers. Renting this highly demanded car will allow you to experience the bliss of driving one of the most distinguished cars out there.

The  Ferrari Portofino Coupe is the perfect sportscar to have on hand when cruising in different locations in California. According to the stats, the vehicle has a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. Isn’t that something? Speed on the roads in different cities of California to enjoy the fine drive that this car has to offer you.

This is the perfect car for two as it features a two-door, two plus two hardtop convertible. So, you will also be able to enjoy the nice Californian breeze with the roof down as you drive to your destination.

4.Bentley Bentayga SUV

Looking to make greater distance with your family and friends? Bentley Bentayga SUV might be the ultimate luxury solution for you. How is that so? Well, the vehicle encompasses enough space for you to enjoy a long road trip with a decent number of people. No longer do you need to worry about space for your family or friends, the Bentley Bentayga SUV proves to be the ideal rental solution to these worries.

The best thing about this is vehicle is that it offers you much more than just space. The speed and aesthetic of the car proves to be just as phenomenal. Make distance with your family and friends in place, without compromising the speed of your vehicle. The Bentley Bentayga SUV ensures that you get the best of both worlds.

The vehicle also allows the storage of large suitcases if you’re planning a long trip in California. So, you get to store all your bags in this sporty SUV. So, get your friends and family on board and avail of the Bentley Bentayga SUV.

5.Mustang GT Premium Convertible

One of the coolest and most fabulous vehicles to drive around is no other than a Mustang. With decades of offering premium cars to the world, the car manufacturer is surely one of a kind. So, being able to drive one in California is surely going to take things up a notch. Rather than just going about in any regular car, the Mustang GT Premium offers you an experience that you will not forget.

With the convertible option, you can drive around in different locations of California, such as Malibu, with the roof down. Bask in the sun and enjoy the views as you drive in this extremely phenomenal car throughout your trip.

If you’re in search of the ideal vacation vehicle, then look no further. Not only does the Mustang GT Premium Convertible offer you a smooth ride, but its design is also going to turn heads. Take pictures alongside your luxury car rental and showcase your elite experience.

6.Mercedes AMG GT Convertible

Mercedes AMG GT Convertible is the perfect combination of comfort and speed. You will find this luxury sportscar to have it all. With a good control and comfortable drive, you get to achieve high speed without feeling too overwhelmed. Zoom around the cities of California in this enchanting vehicle, and you will surely have many people turning around to have a second look at it.

The sleek design of the car is surely something to consider when you’re renting it out. It is the definition of class, and having to drive it across Beverly Hills and other locations will make you understand why it is such a renowned vehicle.

Another thing to add to the entire experience is the convertible feature. You get to decide how to travel in this car.  Whether it is with the roof up or down, you get to maximize your experience according to your wishes.

7.Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible

When you think of visiting LA, you imagine a series of beautiful cars you will get to see on the streets. Become a part of this and get yourself a luxury car that will surely turn heads. The Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible is a hot red beauty of its own. This exotic car rental will prove just how seamless and fancy this car really is.

Head out to exclusive events hosted in LA driving this car and you will get to hear a series of praises over it. This car offers you a luxury experience of its own. With the roof down, you get to enjoy the spectacular views of the city while also getting to see many people with their jaws dropped at the sight of this beauty.

Take your exotic car rental out for a spin while you’re heading to a fancy dinner. It will add to the entire experience and make you feel more exclusive than ever with your luxury car ride.

8.Lexus GX 460 SUV

Looking for a car that is both classy and full of space? Well, the Lexus GX 460 SUV is the ideal option for you. With a design that is bound to turn heads, the vehicle is much more than just something to help you get to your destination; it is an entire experience.

You get to have the ultimate experience as this car is here to offer you one of the best rides ever. Enjoy your time with your family and friends while you visit LA or are planning to go from one city to another. With the right amount of space, you will be able to ride this car with comfort and style.

This car seems to be the perfect choice if you’re looking for extra storage space. Also, if you’re looking for the perfect vehicle to take shopping, then this here is your best option. With enough storage space in this luxury car rental, you get to keep all of your shopping in.

9.Chevrolet Corvette Convertible New

The beauty, Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, is one of a kind. You will find this vehicle a rare sight in California. So, you’re bound to be some of the luck people who get to make use of this car when out and about in the state. This beautiful machine offers you maximum comfort while you go about driving it. With its pristine interiors, you are bound to fall in love with the feel and drive of this car.

More than that, you’re sure to find that the exterior of this car to be perfect. With a unique and beautiful design, you will find others gawking at you while you drive this exotic vehicle. Enjoy your time with this luxury car rental and sneak in a few pictures with it on your day out in the city of California.

10. Mercedes C300 Convertible

In search of a great vehicle in the mid-size range? The Mercedes C300 Convertible is here to offer you a quick solution. It ranks on the 13th number for such vehicles and proves to be quite the car to make your way around in California. It’s phenomenal when it comes to its design and appearance as you will fall in love with it as soon as you take a look at it.

More than that it offers you the perfect ride to cruise around Beverly Hills and other renowned areas of California. Enjoy your luxury car rental in style as you get to drive around one of the most exotic cars to your destinations. With the right mix of comfort and style, you’re sure to find this vehicle to offer you the best experience as you stay in California.

Find The Right Place For Luxury Car Rental In California

Now that you have the ultimate list of the top ten luxury car rentals in California, you should also know the right place to avail of these options. At West Coast Luxury Rentals, you have the option of choosing from a wide range of luxury cars. Choose from any of the cars from the list or more, depending on your needs. Each of these cars offered will give you value for money. So, you will be getting the best quality of cars at the best prices possible.

West Coast Luxury Rentals  offers quality service for people who wish to indulge in luxury car rental in California. Make use of the best of the best vehicles as you make your way across the Californian state. Don’t settle for average, create a more exclusive and glamourous experience with an exotic car rental Los Angeles.