Los Angeles Is The Best Place To Visit

Los Angeles is a city packed with much to do and see. It stands to be one of the most popular cities in the world to travel to for vacations and holidays. Popular particularly in the film and entertainment industry, California has many exciting places to visit and has drawn a lot of people to it. There is a huge number of attraction categories including tours, day trips, Amusement parks, outdoor activities, shows, concerts, food & drink and much more! If you’re planning to visit the sprawling city of Los Angeles soon, then you need to make sure that you have planned ahead for your trip so that you don’t miss out on any of the must visit places.

The city is naturally prone to good vacation trips because of its warm climate which makes traveling in and around Los Angeles and the West Coast an ever-pleasant experience. The beautiful sunny beach sides along some marvelous, extravagant neighborhoods offer a landscape more diverse than any other city in the United States. People seeking to spend some time in the sun should give a visit to sunny California to get their tan on!

What Are The Top Places To Visit In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is full of interesting tourist sites and exciting attractions. It has many fascinating and world famous, renowned places to visit. With limited time, you want to make sure that you visit the top places in the city by planning. Deciding where to go can become a thoughtful task. You do not want to visit some places and miss out on other better options that you could have gone to instead. For instance, if you spend most of your time in seeing historical museum locations, you might miss out on seeing the world famous Hollywood sign.

This blog article will guide you on how to plan your visit to Los Angeles so that you can make sure that you do all the best things to do in Los Angeles.

1. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

In Los Angeles, its not shocking or surprising to find a Hollywood star roaming around one street or another. To get a proper glimpse of the glamorous life of Hollywood, you will want to stroll through the fascinating Hollywood Walk of Fame along with the TCL Chinese Theatre. A historical built, the Hollywood Walk of Fame today commends the work of over 2600 of the most celebrated names in the film industry including actors, directors, musicians and even fictional characters engraved in pink terrazzo and brass in the pavement. Walk along the stars as you get to learn about the greatest artists of different eras. Those who are fanatics of theatre and film must step down to the legendary TLC Chinese Theatre, through which many award ceremonies, classics and premiers have gone through the same stop.

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2. Disneyland

A theme park universally known for its historical fantasy charm; Disneyland is a must visit location if you’re travelling with family to LA. In fact, even adults enjoy with Minnie and Mickey as they get animated amongst all the Disney characters in this joyous location. Experience the fun of dozens of thrill rides and other exciting adventures in a place full of magic and dreams!

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3. Griffith Observatory

Overlooking the Los Angeles basin, Griffith Observatory is a beautiful setting on land to examine an even more beautiful setting in the sky. Griffith Observatory allows humans to create an interstellar play through the visualization of space by telescopes to see the moon, sun and beyond. It is one of the most popular experience-based interactions in the city. People visit the Griffith Observatory in LA to experience Hall of the Sky and Hall of the Eye displays. They are certainly more than meets the eye. Alongside the Griffith Observatory is luscious green land of Griffith Park.

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4. Rodeo Drive

The high fashion street of Los Angeles is Rodeo Drive. Most of you must remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Women shopping for clothes. It can be said that Rodeo Drive is the London of Los Angeles. It is filled with high fashion stores where you can mingle around with tourists while also indulging yourself with some fashion window shopping. Anderson Court is one of the main attractions of Rodeo Drive; it was designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright and is a sight to behold. This is a place which will make you want to spend all your money in a single but try to remain calm and enjoy the vibe of the place. The area has a 200 million dollar sidewalk that is always filled with customers wanting to buy more or just to have a little look at the expensive clothes.

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5. Venice Beach

California is a state where the sun never stops shinning. It is the land of bright and cheerful weather which makes going to beaches the main attraction for tourists. The beaches are generally always filled with locals and tourists. Venice Beach is one such beach. It has been maintained its reputation as the epicenter of California. The eccentric sprit of the beach has not been eroded away be centuries of tourists’ attention.

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This makes it unique place to hang out all day long. People having varied interests and belonging to all walks of life can be found in this place. Pamphleteers, body builders, surfers and stake boards; all can be found on this glorious beach at any given time of the day. Many cafes have also opened in the area to ensure that people can also sit down and eat while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing day out in Los Angeles.

6. Universal Studios Hollywood

Do you love movies? Have you always wondered what the sets of your favorite movies would look like in real life? Then, head over to Universal Studios Hollywood. The studio opened its gates to the general public in 1964. Allowing millions of people to be able to see props and sets of some their famous movies and television shows. It was then converted into a theme part to further assist the people in enjoying their time at the studio. Universal Studio Hollywood manages to remain updated with the current, with new sets and attractions being put up every few years.

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If you are a Harry Potter or Jurassic Park fan, then the studio offers many attractions such as rides at the Jurassic World, dark rides through Hogwarts and hippogriff rollercoaster. It is generally a crowded place, very similar to Disney land but weekdays offer less crowd and an amazing day filled with adventure and wonderment.

7. The Getty Center

Los Angeles California is a place where people from all walks of life come. These are people who are interested in different things. Many people might not like shopping or beaches. However, Los Angeles California does not disappoint. It has been designed in such a way that it is able to cater to the needs and taste of everyone. It is also home to many famous museums, such as the J. Paul Getty Museum located in Brentwood. The location is very unique as it is a hilltop and offers the visitors a unique perspective. It was founded by a perto – industrialist.

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The Getty Center was planned and constructed over a period of two decades and had a cost of around 661 million dollars. It is sure to leave you bedazzled. Has an extensive art collection dating back to the medieval times coupled with manuscripts and decorative pieces famous through the ages. It is a place that you do not want to miss on your visits to California.

8. Santa Monica

Lying in the west of Los Angeles, Santa Monica is one of the most beautiful beaches that the state has to offer. The place has a beautiful night life filled with restaurants, pubs and cafes. It is also very popular because it is the place that was used for the filming of the popular television Baywatch. Many people come here to be able to take a piece of the popular show with them. The beach has soft sand coupled with a bright sunny weather all throughout the air. The water is clear even though it attracts a lot of attention.

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The area also contains a state of the art biking track which makes people want to spend the whole day going around and exploring the area. Walking around is also fun in Santa Monica, as it is one of the safest neighborhoods in the region with many attractions waiting for you to come and explore them.

9. Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles County

This museum was founded in 1913. It is the largest natural history museum in the entire Western United States of America area. It also went under an impressive remodeling during the 2000s which added to its charm. The museum is so large that it has three locations. The location that we like the most is Exposition Park. It is the Renaissance Revival building. It is beautiful structure decorated with terracotta constructions.

The museum contains two dinosaur fossils and can you how small pueblo can be transformed into one of the largest metropolis. The dinosaur fossil in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County contains 1 out 10 of the most complete dinosaur fossils in the world. It is place where you can go with kids and have them enjoy a day of discovering that the world holds.

10. Los Angeles County Museum Of Art (LACMA)

Western United States filled with museums that will keep you engaged during your stay at Los Angeles. Los Angeles County Museum of Art comes under one of the largest Museums in the area. It consists of a seven floor building over an area of a 20 acre site. They have an unlimited collection of antiques belonging to all walks of life from modern time to the ancient time i.e. Greek, Etruscan, American, Roman and Latin. It also has an extensive collection of arts covering Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. It is essential to understand that the places can help you in widening your horizons and enjoy some time while having fun.

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How To Get Around In Los Angeles

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Visit Los Angeles For Your Next Vacation Trip

We recommend that you visit Los Angeles for your next trip as it is a place filled with fun activities and sites to behold. The place offers a unique combination of night life and day entertainment. It brings together people having different preferences on the same platform. The museums, beaches and theme parks helps you drive some time for yourself and enjoy your life. West Coast Luxury Rental makes all efforts to further enhance your experience of Los Angeles. The company has established a name for itself in exotic car rental Los Angeles as it provides the customers with all the rental car related that he/she wants.

There are many places that you must have visited and there will be more places that you will visit in the future. It is essential that you explore every place like a child, filled with excitement and a thrust for adventure. West Coast Luxury Rental is there to support your spirit through exotic car rental Los Angeles. It understands that travel is the food for soul and ensures that you have a good time at your next adventure.